Vesica Piscis and the Cerulean Waters…

My previous abode had an angular, modest, more-for-aesthetic-than-function pool. But, it is in those waters that I had the most surreal and satisfying of swims. Mostly because I could build a routine and ritual out of it, largely undisturbed. I would swim during high noon on weekdays. That meant the pool would be empty. This also meant that the sun would stream right into the waters, refracting light in tremulous, shimmery ripples on the mosaic of powder and prussian blue tiles.

There is an active visualisation and meditation that I do as I get my strokes in. I swim, bathed with the energies showered from specific galactic energies above. This allows for protection, blessing and purification of me and the waters I am in. Once I get into the groove of the strokes and laps, when the breathing has stabilised, the body suitably warmed up and movements less jaunty, that is when I enter a continuous zen flow of strokes. That alternate mode allows for the next part, me in my mermaid form, looping in and out of a never-ending intersecting ring of energy, the Vesica Piscis. Every dive in allows for a certain purification that even I cannot accurately describe.

I partially digress here. Water in whatever form can be programmed for purification and healing. The water you drink, the water you shower with, the water you swim in. If you ever feel like you need to get something off your chest, just dip your feet into a stream, river, ocean, or a pool and start talking. You will find that all is repressed can finally express its way out in words effortlessly. For water represents our emotions. The water will know how to carry all your heaviness, sorrows, and burdens away if you just allow surrender.

So there ends my ode to the old swimming haunt. Our current landscape calls for pool closure every other month so swimming has been off the cards for a very long time now, at least not in a way that a meditative routine can be built upon just yet.

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Shiren WombFlower

A Magdalene Priestess of the moon, womb, and blood mysteries. Women’s Red Tent facilitator. I enjoy experiencing, teaching, & sharing through my misadventures!