Sacred Tears

Tears of shame, tears of grief. Tears of joy, tears of gratitude. All are sacred and all are welcomed. Tears are a display of vulnerability. An ability of our body to override the pride and allow emotions to be expressed.

Some of us cannot cry. We just do not know how to or have forgotten how to. The part that is hurting the most is our Inner Child. This is the fragment of us still reacting to some wounds of the past and still not knowing how to cope. Others have cried until there are no more tears left. Our heart is like a desiccated desert. The pain is too much, so never again. Let us be numb and be protected forever from such uncomfortable feelings.

Crying and being witnessed in a safe space is a blessed experience. To be observed but not judged. To be present with empathy but not pity. We cry there, then and let it all out. The next moment or tomorrow it will all be different. The expression has found an outlet. We no longer need to carry it. Sometimes, we do not even remember what was so burdensome in the first place. But at least in that moment when it was so pivotal, we got to release a flurry of tears, sobs, and snot. Our emotions were not invalidated but simply accepted as it is.

When we cry together with a loved one, it is the meeting of two inner child. The part that was not taught how to regulate the nervous system, the part of us long forgetting of its innocence and joy because we had to grow up so fast. And if we could not see that child that was us, perhaps in an intimate meeting of open- hearted vulnerability, you can see the inner child of another and send it compassion and love. We are sad, we are lonely from abandonment and betrayal wounds inflicted upon our psyche from before; even lifetimes before. And in the sharing of tears, we know that we are not alone in this pain.

We are definitely not alone when in tears. Once, I could feel the Pleiadeans had come in the form of sea folk. They rejoiced to see the tears. “Alas, purification by salt water! From your body and back into the ocean.” As I carried on crying, the more I felt my body being rocked in the gentle buffeting waves of the ocean current. I was underwater and yet I could breathe and still feel those tears merge into the primordial waters. Waters which are wise, gentle, and loving. Waters that honour this ‘blood letting’. It felt strange yet safe and oddly comforting to be cradled as such. This is how I knew that my tears are being witnessed. In this moment, you are not engulfed in self pity or victimhood. That the crying was honest, and so very necessary. I slept the nights after with no more nightmares. The collective energy has shifted thanks to just one much needed activation of the waterworks.

So if the dam needs to burst, let it burst. But let it be honest and not out of manipulation. Let it be in surrender and not out of victimisation. All tears are sacred as they express a part of us that cannot be uttered any other way. It melts our social mask and reveals us for the divine beings that we already are. And so it is.



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Shiren WombFlower

A Magdalene Priestess of the moon, womb, and blood mysteries. Women’s Red Tent facilitator. I enjoy experiencing, teaching, & sharing through my misadventures!