Purification through the elements : Water

Water is my second favourite medium of cleansing. Air is the first. Recently I re-discovered a great way to cleanse with water. Sacred bathing rituals. Never mind those soaks to unwind whenever a hotel bathtub presented itself; this is about setting an intention and then cleansing the self with it.

My housemate once told me to bathe with sea salt if I had come back from somewhere feeling all icky, gross, and lethargic. I tried it and instantly felt relieved. Then I went for a private healing session with a priestess who advised for a bathing ritual as part of the healing. I was weary soon after and had to undergo a long deep sleep to integrate and re-calibrate from the ritual.

Now as I undergo a seven month inner journeying course, we need to start each chapter with a New Moon bath. The elements and ingredients change but never something too complicated or hard to procure. I had no bath tub to soak in, so I improvised with a pail and bucket.

There are three parts to a water purification process. First is the intentional and intuitive gathering of the items. Flowers petals are a good start. They carry the vibration of life, of beauty, and of purity. Essential oils such as rose, jasmine, ylang ylang help to promote feminine sensitivity and work well with the Sacral chakra, the element of water itself. 2–3 drops in a whole bucket of body temperature water usually suffices. Sea salt is a great purifier no matter the occasion so a tablespoon of this humble ingredient with boost the cleansing process by manyfold. I find that crystals further help to anchor and ground the bath water. Not all crystals work well with water but my go-to allies will be rose quartz for gentleness, and tourmaline for absorption of negativity and grounding.

Second part is to set the intention of the bath. This is where the water is programmed or enchanted with your sacred intention. Your spoken words further codes the vibration of the water and locks in the purpose of what this bath is meant to do for you. It can be a bath to remove overall lethargy, heaviness, and dross. A bath to imbue yourself with certain qualities you wish to embody or a certain favour you wish to ask of the Universe. I speak to my water, honestly and succinctly. My intention repeated three times. Next, I begin the process of the sacred bath itself. I always start by soaking my feet in first. Personally I find it effective to wet the head as well, it somewhat gives a more complete feeling. At this point I may be chanting or singing with eyes closed to keep the intention held until the end of the bath. At this point messages or visions might appear. Once bathing is completed, there is no rinse off as I clad myself and prepare for the third part.

The final process is the consolidation through meditation or vision journeying. As the physical body is now cleansed and purified, my energy body is also brighter and more open to subtle cues. I will sit upright on the floor and close my eyes to enter into meditation. Here, I will ask for messages that will help me on my intention and journey. At this point, the body may feel relaxed and very heavy. This is also a good time to enter into sleep and allow for the etheric parts of us to receive further healing and messages through the other realms of angels, ancestors, ascended masters, and spirit guides. Once this final part is done, journal to get more insights from the symbolisms and messages received. Writing really helps articulate and bring perspective. If you had forgotten, some random access memory will fire off and you will somewhat be able to recall even for a moment.

Insights or not, bathing rituals are a great way to keep the body and energy field bright and clear. If done during New Moon, it is a great way to further usher us women who bleed with the moon cycles to prepare the womb for shedding as we experience emotional release with the element of water. So far I have bathed with the different elements of flowers, crystals, milk, dry spices, green tea, coconut oil, honey, sugar, salt, and essential oils. Most items that can be found in your standard pantry. With an intention in place, you will most certainly know what to fill in your bathtub or pail for that specific ritual.

Other ways of getting water moving in the body is sufficient hydration (to combat water retention), swimming, yin yoga, and crying. I use heartfelt comedies and inspiring interviews to get my waterworks going at times.

May you connect with the element of water in you. The source of all life, around and within you.

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