Purification through the elements : Fire

I like to write letters, make lists, and burn them especially for Full Moon release rituals. Just me squatting at my balcony with a lonely tea light candle and a receptacle for the ash. Me staring intently into the candle as I program it to burn away and purify all that is on that list. And finally, observing the incineration process. Swift to burn? Easy to let go then. Hard to burn with flames continually dying out? Tougher shit to release. Total incineration indicates to me a full release. Partial incineration means unfinished business. Sparks flying and tiny combustions means a lot is getting purified through the fire.

I have used small black ritual candles to further anchor the intention of letting go. Once, I had participated in a group ritual of burning lists into the fire. It was a ceremonious process and oddly reflective as we watched each others list dance in the flames. Some even had brief flashes of colour as it burnt away.

Sometimes I do get attached to my list and wished I had tucked it away in my journal instead just to glorify the ego and read it all over again. Fire teaches you about destruction, returning to carbon, and releasing to the Universe. Invoke fire when you want to shake things off fast and require immediate breakthrough.

The fiery Goddesses Kali and Sekhmet have helped me with changes that will not happen other way. They are not entirely fearsome but guide with firm, needful insistence. They are a reminder that wrath is a necessary impetus to kick things into high gear at times. Properly channelled anger and rage is how the fire element helps with purification. I stomped, stamped, burnt up in heated aggression, swirled around in energetic whorls of fire. Good idea to invoke these Goddesses with caution and seek them sparingly for it is easy for the situation to get chaotic and result in a burn out rather than a breakthrough.

Fever is a form of shock purification to the body. During the recent intense eclipse season, I had experienced fever twice which is highly unusual. On each occasion a different homeopathic remedy brought it down within six hours. My body had to find an exit point for a lot of internalised anger. Purge it out, purge it good then sit and reflect on what action caused it. In my case it was impatience and running my mouth off incessantly. I know people who have fevers after waking up from a psychic attack nightmare, those whose body went in shock when they tried a new type of exercise or workout, and those who kept burning up from constant spiritual fire burn-outs.

Fire is not a gentle and calm purifier. However, sometimes, in our life we just might require that. A big re-set.

For us that have a lot of fire in the system, then hot seasons are when we especially need to watch flaring tempers. Hydrate more and eat cool and neutral foods. For those with a more sluggish constitution, the hot season is a good way to get things finally moving! Use the solar heat to get more of that yang energy going. All in all, read the room, read the atmosphere and let your body guide you.

Foods that feed the fire element are ginger especially old ginger. Turmeric, lemongrass, and chillies help with heating up our internal system as well. Spices such as black pepper, coriander, and cumin boost sluggish fire in the body. Solar plexus poses in yoga such as high lunges, low lunges, and the warrior sequence help us cleanse the body by activating the fire in us.

So there goes fire. Not my favourite method but a necessary method.

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