Journeying with the Dark Mothers

I always told myself, if I bore a daughter she would be named Persephone. Long before I even knew how to pronounce that name right, it was already decided upon. Persephone. Infamously ‘taken’ from her mother Demeter into the Underworld. After accepting her fate, she then reigned as Queen of Underworld for a good half of the year. There is a lot of symbolism to the story. Hell is not hell per se, but a descent into our shadow aspects. Being a Queen of it simply meant that she had mastery over her Shadow. Half a year in and half a year out meant that the shadow journey is half of our life led on earth; often visited and scrutinised.

Later in life, I found myself gravitating more towards the Crones without really understanding why. Three aspects of the Goddess, Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Yet I always seeked out the elders. Over time and observation I realised that the Principle of Elimination was my natural calling. Dark Moon, the Crone phase was my absolutely favourite time of the moon cycle. Clearing, cleaning, de-cluttering is something I immensely enjoyed doing. Hardly anything holds a gripping attachment for me. I can most often let go of items and people without being overly attached.

The moon’s Crone phase also allows me to do a womb clearing ritual. I will sit and connect to my womb, to my inner child, and simply ask for what is still energetically binded there to be released. Slowly, the shy and neglected womb will speak, bit by bit. In a spurt of word, in a flash of vision, or through a wave of profound deep gnosis. Either way, she will always talk and she will gently guide me on what needs to be done. How to eliminate the hatred, grief, regret, and burdens of my own and of others. She will tell who to invoke for protection and space holding, how to eliminate the grubby and toxic energetic bindings, what I need to apply or eat to ease the process. All is revealed through the gnosis of our own womb which bears the wisdom of our mother, grandmother, and further up the matrilineal path. Our womb’s only request is for us to be present for her, to be vulnerable to her.

This whole process is overseen by either one or a council of cloaked and hooded figures; gathered in sacred ceremony.

The womb’s reward for taking the time to cleanse and illuminate her space is unmistakable. Immediately after the ritual, discharge will appear. This is part of the elimination that was invoked earlier. When done closer to the menstrual cycle; within 24 hours spotting will occur if not the onset of the period itself. If invoked through emergency means, the period will be fast tracked and will last for an unnatural amount of time until all has been cleared out good and proper.

In the longer run, period pains will ease. Other symptoms will be reduced until just one or two. Menstrual cycles will be regulated, the flow like a tempered valve; serenely flowing in equal measures throughout all the days. The cycle will shorten over time thus reducing loss of life force. There are other supplementary activities that supports this process as a whole. But the point is, we are all connected to the power of our wise wombs. This is where the wisdom of the women before us can be channelled and heard. Where we stop and listen, where we find peace, and most profoundly, where we empower ourselves.

Such is my journey with the Dark Mothers. Through a Womb Portal, somewhere in the clearing, through the thicket, where it is always night and there is a fire going. I have stopped asking my Whys. Because long before I even knew or understood them, they have made themselves known to me through Persephone.

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Shiren WombFlower

Shiren WombFlower


A Magdalene Priestess of the moon, womb, and blood mysteries. Women’s Red Tent facilitator. I enjoy experiencing, teaching, & sharing through my misadventures!