Communing with the Divine

Building intimacy with ‘God’.

My communication with God are brief but exceptionally unforgettable moments. Unforgettable, not because my memory replays it out perfectly. It is the brief feeling of being held, of being felt, and understood. An unmistakable feeling of being heard. When all pretences, lies, and ego has been shed. There you will meet God. When you sit down cross-legged or sit back on your tucked ankles; shoulders sloping slightly to one side, in quiet contemplation. When you bow your head, when you lie prostrate. There you will meet God. And when you do that, you will realise a profound notion. That the Divine help you are seeking for is not to be found externally. To seek God is to seek within ourselves. To acknowledge our own humility and to come clean and ask what we want to ask, to say what we want to say. To surrender to a higher power other than us but still be wise enough to listen intently to the answer when it is given to us.

It is said that we are made in the likeness of God. Yet we have such a hard time believing it. In fact, we tend to abuse and deny our body and existence as if to spite God and his divine creation. We are made of stardust. The elements that makes the sum of us come from several supernovas, billions of years before. Our brain is like the unknown and unmapped cosmos. We ourselves are a wonderment, a beautiful flawless design of nature and yet we are so busy seeking outside and elsewhere for comfort and perfection. We have free will. We have the capacity to think, build, design, love, care, nurture, heal and create. We are perfection in its whole. Such is the beauty of our Divine spark.

If God is within us, then what about religions and places of worship? Religion is a form of structure and governance. Politics and religion are the same thing. I do not condemn religion. In fact, it is my personal belief that every child be exposed to one religion when they are growing up. It allows them to contemplate the unseen, the recognise higher forces, to read great manuscripts and scriptures which can provide certain guidance and answers. As long as religion is not pursued in a zealous and dogmatic nature, the child will be able to make more objective decisions when they are older such as if they wish to continue on this path or not.

More of us are angry at God. We accuse God of abandoning us. In truth, we just got muddled along the way. We have lost our true essence and in so, we have effectively disconnected ourselves from God. If we are feeling spiritually bereft then enter a church, a temple and sit there. Do not partake in meaningless ritual unless you are truly align to its process. Just sit in refuge. Simply be. Say a quiet prayer in your heart. Remind yourself of how close the Divine is to you. Holy places are designed to be a container, a vessel to contain the energies of the Divine. Some sit on ley lines, some are built in a specific sacred geometry pattern. Other are held up by so many pure and holy verses that itself is akin to an invincible ark. You will know a sacred space when you enter it. There will be a calm unlike other. A tremendous unspoken power that is palpable yet intangible.

If you must, speak simply to a priest, a pastor, a sage. One who can empathise and provide you with pure blessings from the heart and in true service of the Divine. For some of us, joining a group helps us better re-discover the essence of the Divine in our lives. It will certainly help at the beginning. Eventually, we will need to separate ourselves from the energetics and influence of others in order to truly hear ourselves out. Our channel to the Divine is direct and we need to learn to recognise and harness that power within us. As long as your faith and responsibility to the Divine is put into the hands of a religious figurehead, a society, a movement, an institution you will never truly find clarity and peace.

God is also not found through mind-numbing rituals. It is not about us going through the motions and circumambulating the temple seven times. There is power in ritual when we breathe life into it with our own intent. Why be enslaved when you can turn it around into an empowering process? Light that candle for wanting illumination & inspiration and not because your altar needs to be lit twice a day. Burn that incense to purify the air and honour the clarity a stable air element brings. Change the water to signify purifying of emotions and revering the gift of life. Put up flowers because they are beautiful and remind us of the vibrance of life force. Love your crystals because they are our allies and help transmute what we cannot do on our own. Chant that mantra because you understand its meaning and believe in the power of the spoken word.

The most powerful prayers are those we craft ourselves. Because then it is sincere. And you dare ask for it out loud. Surrender yourself in that private space you have lovingly crafted. Choose a time of the day you can dedicate your attention to listen to yourself within. For then, you will hear the resounding answers and words of comfort you needed to hear. When you feel it you will know it in your heart. For tears will stream down your face. A release. A relief. A prayer finally answered.




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Shiren WombFlower

A Magdalene Priestess of the moon, womb, and blood mysteries. Women’s Red Tent facilitator. I enjoy experiencing, teaching, & sharing through my misadventures!